Friday, March 28, 2014

Transport "expert" sees crowding as a "problem."

Attention experts. Bus crowding is not a problem. Just add more buses. The government represents the people, right? Well the "people" constantly tell pollsters to build more public transit! Here are some real problems: global warming, climate disruption, floods, drought, fires, traffic congestion, parking.... etc.
Cheaper public transport fares are not fair: "Although the fares are free, revenue loss will not be that high; suburban rail commuters using CBD trams have already paid the fare, so they don't really get free travel. Likewise tram commuters have already "swiped on" in the suburbs. What of fare evaders? In practice it's impractical to check tickets on crowded CBD trams so the free policy is quite pragmatic. However, there will be problems. Local CBD tram travel will increase by about 30 per cent so CBD trams will be more crowded."

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