Friday, January 15, 2016

Greens promise free Brisbane bus travel for pensioners and seniors

brisbanetimes : "Seniors and pensioners would be able to travel free on off-peak Brisbane buses under a Greens election pledge announced on Friday."

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Free public transport for seniors taking tens of thousands of cars off the roads each week

publicworks : "“Most activities of daily living – such as shopping and paying the bills – are conducted in the local neighbourhood and involve other forms of transport. However, public transport is often used for other life-enriching activities, such as volunteering, or civic and social engagements, going to the movies, visiting friends, or travelling to the city for a day out,” Dr Feist says.

“On average, we found that Seniors Card holders are making more than 150,000 rides on public transport in the Adelaide metropolitan area every week. This represents an extraordinary number of civic, social and community engagement opportunities for older people.

“It means that our public transport system is being well utilised during off-peak periods. It also means that tens of thousands of cars are off the roads each week,” Dr Feist says."