Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Zero-fare Public Transport - EcoForum

There are a number of towns and cities across the world which offer free public transport at the time of boarding. This is sometimes called Zero-fare public transport.

Funding for public tranport is instead allocated from taxes. This enables faster, more efficient rides due to the lack of ticketing and allows for more regular services and routes to be added.

Several studies show that the number of people using public transport after it is made free soars, which is great for the environment and for the living standards of our cities, streets, and neighbourhoods.

Because taxes support the system instead, the quality of the public transport is not reduced and because the number of cars on the roads is reduced, the public have clearer, less noisy air and a greater feeling of community.

This is needed in Sydney - where there is the craziest bus system, that certain buses are cashless - no ticket no ride - not too good for tourists visiting the city EcoForum

Monday, April 12, 2010

More Millions to be Wasted on a Ticketing System

The NSW State Government just doesn't get it. They seem to think that it is OK to spend millions of dollars on a TICKETING SYSTEM. One that will not attract more customers or increase the capacity of the transport network. Read more here....

Relieving the state of the burdens associated with running a user-pays system by having free public transport will see us more forward in leaps and bounds....if only they'd get their hands out of their pockets and open their eyes.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another Free Public Transport Candidate

Residents also want a representative who will fight to stop a tunnel and freeways as a solution to the transport chaos every rush-hour. We need free, expanded and integrated public transport to get people out of cars and also to protect the environment. Socialist Party Australia