Thursday, June 27, 2013

Melbourne: The high cost of collecting fares

Sustainable Cities Collective:

  • A $1.5 Billion development cost that has been rumored to be the world’s costliest for a ticketing system;
  • Consumers having to pay for their initial cards as a separate fare from their travel (thus tourists wanting to spontaneously take a tram would have to plan their journey by buying a card and then topping it up with adequate funds for their journey);
  • If you wish to top up your MYKI online, your payment won’t be processed on the same day;
  • New evasion techniques have already been found (ie: If user goes from Zone 1 to Zone 2 area (more expensive than just Zone 1 travel) and doesn’t check off upon his arrival to his Zone 2 destination then he would be charged as if he only travelled within Zone 1); and
  • The ability to fare evade has remained, as no physical barriers or increase in the amount of ticket inspectors have been associated with the systems implementation.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Axing of free bus 'stingy' | Fairfield City Champion

Axing of free bus 'stingy' | Fairfield City Champion: "Mr Lalich said the bus allowed people on fixed incomes in Cabramatta, Canley Vale, Canley Heights and Cabramatta West to get around.

"These shuttle services help people in our local area get by, making it easier for people who don't have cars to visit medical appointments and the shops and catch up with friends and family," he said.

"This free shuttle service was fought for and championed by local community members who saw a gap in public transport provision."

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fossil Fuel Subsidies in Australia

Fossil Fuel Subsidies: "Each year, Australian governments spend billions of dollars of public money on programs that  encourage more coal, gas and oil to be extracted and burned. Market Forces estimates that the tax-based fossil fuel subsidies amount to over $10 billion per year federally."

Oil companies get free ride and try to force you to have a car

Crackdown snares big rise in fines for fare dodgers on Adelaide's public transport | adelaidenow: "A crackdown on public transport offences has resulted in the number of on-the-spot fines jumping 70 per cent compared with last financial year, new figures show."

While taxpayers pay billions buy oil for mining companies
The fossil fuel subsidies for the mining companies that the Greens would remove are:
  • Diesel fuel tax rebates - $7.95 billion over four years;
  • Accelerated depreciation on assets - $1.85 billion over four years; and
  • Accelerated depreciation on exploration - $4.05 billion over four years.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Melbourne: Push to ban cars in Acland Street

Push to ban cars in Acland Street: "Cars could be barred from much of StKilda's most famous shopping strip to make way for trams and pedestrians in a plan to transform one of Melbourne's busiest tram routes into a light railway.

The southern end of Acland Street, known for its cafes and bars, would be permanently closed to vehicle traffic and turned into an open air mall if a proposal by the government authority Public Transport Victoria goes ahead."

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