Monday, January 26, 2015

Free public transport is the solution to parking headaches

ABC News: "Perth's freeways may be the place where commuters feel the squeeze of congestion on workdays but on weekends it is coastal car parks that are driving some beachgoers to despair."

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Oh no! Overcrowding! What a disaster!

We can't make buses free, because they will be overcrowded. Wait, what? That is the point! People want public transit, they are willing to pay for it through taxes. They vote with their seat by getting on free buses. So the buses are crowded. So put out more buses. It is what the people want. The government serves the people, right?

Free buses are a disaster for some people. Subsidized autosprawl profiteers. They don't want car welfare to be exposed and ended. Their argument about crowding just proves that fares are for rationing, not revenue.

Free Melbourne tram ride may lead to overcrowding warns transport group: "Free tram travel in Melbourne's city centre could encourage so many people to jump on board it will lead to serious overcrowding issues, a transport users group and the Greens have warned."

Friday, January 2, 2015

Melbourne free tram good for business

the age : "Melbourne's new free tram zone delighted passengers on Friday with tourists saying they could see more of the city in one day and locals using the trams to get around quickly in the summer heat.

Tourists from Sydney, Mahnaz Khan and Rana Mohiuddin, decided they would visit Victoria Markets after spotting a map showing they could get there for free from the top of Collins Street.

"We wanted to go to Victoria Markets, but we were not sure if we could because it is a 20-minute walk. But then we saw this, so we are going there now," Ms Khan said.  "