Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What Hobart needs is a transport revolution

The Mercury: "HOBART, we have a problem and it’s driven all of us on to a road to nowhere.

Our city’s public transport network is lagging firmly in the last century, pushing traffic congestion to an infuriating impasse.

The daily frustration of motorists and commuters is unparalleled in our history and, together with a lack of modern, efficient and workable public transport services, the situation is costing the economy.

Getting to work, school or anywhere about Hobart has turned into a maddening, exasperating experience more characteristic of the country’s larger capitals. We have not before experienced such colossal obstruction.

My former 35-minute commute from New Norfolk to the city has blown out to an hour and 15 minutes on a bad day. Pity the poor motorist trying to reach the city across the Tasman Bridge.

But where is the action? Where is the plan? Why is the State Government offering no true solution?"

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