Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Julian Burnside backs push to make public transport free for students in Melbourne

3aw.com : "A high-profile barrister is behind a push to make public transport free for students in Melbourne.

Julian Burnside QC told Neil Mitchell too much money and energy was being wasted on pursuing outstanding fines.

It's been reported 7000 warrants were issued for young people who hadn't paid their fines in the period between 2014-15.

"If you go to a free public school and have to use public transport to get there, it will cost you $7500 over your 12 years of school just to get to and from school," Mr Burnside explained.

"And for a lot of students, especially in the western suburbs, paying for the Myki competes with paying for their food, drink or books."

Mr Burnside it was a "mistake" to focus on revenue when it came to public transport.

"Public transport shouldn't be just about revenue," he said.

"It's deeply embedded in our social arrangement

"If you can't get around in society, well then you're not really part of it.""

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