Sunday, August 4, 2013

Australia Socialist Alliance - Advocates for free public transport

Policy on Public Transport: "The Socialist Alliance advocates:
  • Free public transport
  • Free carriage of bicycles on public transport
  • Ending all tax concessions for company and company-purchased cars
  • The imposition of a public transport levy on all CBD employers with more than 10 staff, along the lines of the French versement de transport.
  • Special levies on developers who gain access to commercially profitable sites close to railway stations and bus interchanges.
  • The reclassification and redeployment of all public transport staff whose job has been the sale of tickets to passenger assistance/security functions, with no loss in pay or conditions.
  • Rebuilding public transport staff numbers to ensure safe, comfortable and efficient services.

The Socialist Alliance supports free public transport and will set up and run a national free public transport campaign which seeks to resource and support actions at the local level."

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